Monday, September 18, 2006

Sunrise --- Sunset

David Aarons, a good friend who is the best guide here in Israel suggested that I drive up on the Golan Heights to catch a sunset. The ride up was frightening. And not the part that I was right next door to Syria and could see their military outposts. The road was the one of the windiest (is that a word) I have ever been on. I did not look forward to the return trip after dark!

Once I arrived it was worth the effort. I took over 100 pictures, I hope some of them turn out.

The next morning, I figures I needed to get both the ying and the yang in harmony so I got up and took sunrise pictures.

Here is one of both.

Off to Jerusalem tomorrow. My stay in Tiberias has gone by fast.


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Anonymous said...


Hope everything is fine with you and your getting your needed rest.

Loved your sunset pictures!!

Kathy is still working on the IM - and hopes to get it started. Our Sony computer is only 3 years old- so we shouldn't have problems with it.

The Bears won all their opening games! GREAT!! They are my favorite team.



Mary Vis