Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Comments about Sunday's Sermon

A comment was made about my sermon on Sunday (,), was that I did address the importance of getting to know Jesus through the Bible. I apologize if I did not make that link clear. I felt that I had addressed that pretty clearly in my first sermon in this series on Christianity 101 — "The Greatest Book Never Read". (Sorry it is not online yet).

In that sermon I stressed the essential need for all Christians to read the Bible. We need to read it critically and carefully. In order to really read the Bible we also need to seek to understand the culture in which it was created, that means that JUST reading the Bible is not enough, we need to do so much more!

As Christians we also must be carefully not to read the New Testament alone. The Hebrew Bible is critical for the Christian because without it we cannot understand God nor can we understand Jesus. Jesus is a product of the Hebrew Bible — it was his sacred scripture!

Without a strong Biblical background we cannot ever really know Jesus. Jesus is revealed in the Biblical story, he lives through you and me.

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