Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer is almost here!

Tomorrow is the first day of summer. The greatest day of the year when you are a kid. Greater than Christmas even, because it means NO SCHOOL. How I long for those days!

When I came to Ridge Church 9 years ago (yes, I am starting my tenth year at Ridge), Nancy my wonderful administrative assistant was cluing me in about the church. She said, summer is a little quiet around here. I am sure at times she longs for those days when you could clean out files, enjoy the peace and quiet and just do nothing!

Those days are long gone. Yesterday at our staff meeting we began putting together the meat around the bones of two exciting ministries that will take place at Ridge Church.

The first is RIDGE FEST 07. On Sunday, August 26th, we will kick off the school year by having a huge party. Jeff and I will begin a sermon series that will look at the neighbors who live around us, and what they believe. We are hoping to get some interviews with religious leaders from the Jewish, Hindu and Muslim communities. I am really excited about what we can learn, and how we can engage our neighbors. But that is just the beginning. On Sunday afternoon, we will have a huge party --- we are working on getting a live band, dunk tank (I am told that I will be the target), moonwalk, bingo, kid's games and of course FOOD, lots and lots of food. Sounds like it will be a great way to start the year.

The other big project we are working on is WWE@Ridge which is not a website, but a ministry night. Wednesday evenings this fall will be filled with opportunities for the whole family. We are planning Adult studies, Sr High studies, Middle School studies, and classes for our children. And of course, it will all center around FOOD. (We love food at Ridge Church!) I am excited because I will be teaching BIBLE 101 first to an adult class, and then later to the Sr High class. I am working on finding time to teach the Middle School age as well. This spring I will bring back an all new version of WRESTLING WITH GOD --- I can't wait!

Ridge Church is a happening place! And if those things aren't enough --- our 3rd of July festival, the corn sale at the Jazz and Blues Festival, and Vacation Bible School are all around the corner. Those and the Middle School Mission Week, and the Senior High Mission trip to the Gulf Coast will keep us all on our toes!

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