Friday, July 13, 2007

Dinner For Tim

Last night Ridge Church hosted a dinner for Tim Lukoshus, a 19 year old, who is battling cancer. The dinner was organized by some of Tim's friends --- particularly Chris, Niko and Nick. And we could not have done it without Munster High Football Coach Leroy Marsh and Jamie his wife nor Munster High Baseball Coach Bob Shinkin and his wife. Nancy Caddick and Beth Kitchell were unbelievable, and Chuck Horton is the best!

We really have no idea how many we served, but we guess somewhere around 1,400. Our best guess before we started was that we might, at the top have 700. If I thought that we would double our best guess --- I really would have gone crazy yesterday!!!

I cannot say enough about the generosity of people in this community. Olive Garden Restaurants in Cal City and Hobart donated enough food to feed 240. Zuni's in Dyer gave gallons of sauce and Giovanni's in Munster was unbelievable. Initially the gave 5 gallons of sauce and noodles, but twice during the evening when we ran out, the came through with sauce, and noodles. When they ran out of spaghetti noodles they then gave us fettuccine. WOW is all I can say.

Thanks to everyone who helped --- who worked (I did more dishes last night than I think I have done in my life!), who donated desserts, bought tickets, made a donation etc. You did a great thing!

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