Friday, July 04, 2008

What a Day!

Most importantly, welcome Tucker Carl Whybrew! Tucker was born to Sarah and Nathan Whybrew yesterday (July 3rd) in Lafayette, Indiana. Tucker weighed 7 lbs 14 oz and is 20.25 inches long. Ridge Church and the Town of Munster had a nice little celebration last night in his honor!

Nathan is the new associate pastor at Ridge Church and they will be moving to Munster next week! YIKES! Hopefully, we will make everything go smooth and fairly easy for them. I cannot imagine moving with a week old baby, but that is the way the conference does things!

Last night Munster held their fireworks display and Ridge Church invited the community onto the lawn. The place was packed as usual and we had a great time. After all the expenses are paid (which fortunately because of the generosity of so many people isn't too much) we will make about $2,600 which goes to support our Vacation Bible School and allows it to be FREE! Thanks to everyone who worked.

This afternoon is the Munster parade and we will once again have a float in the parade. Nancy, Doug, Laura and Kathy are working on the finishing touches while I am goofing off in my office. It is a huge effort, but it is a lot of fun promoting the church and inviting people to our VBS.

I will try to get some pictures posted of the parade on line this afternoon or tomorrow.


Repairing Electronic Equip. said...

Hey, Pastor. I randomly came across your blog about your new associate pastors having their baby and I agree with you. I have been a Christian since I was 12 years old. Been to church since I was 2 weeks old and I too, am frustrated with American Christianity. I live in one of the South Suburbs of Chicago and last year changed churches. I have been in part time and full time ministry and boy what an eye opener! I was fortunate to have gone to China 4 years ago and our Christian Brothers and Sisters there are so thankful, and yet have less rights given them by their government and so much less than we do materially, yet they are more thankful than we in the U.S.A. I am particularly frustrated with what I've seen when Church leaders (Pastors or Elders, Deacons, etc...) try to copy Corporate America, instead of getting their directives from The Bible and The Holy Spirit. (Hello? McFly?) I recently read most of a book by John Piper titled "Brothers, We Are Not Professionals"|47984|1010. I appreciated seeing a Pastor being bluntly honest about what is really happening in the Church. Thank you for your honesty

Anonymous said...

It was a great time last night and, as usual, RUMC was the perfect host for the evening's festivities. Thanks for all the effort and hospitality!