Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's Not About YOU!

What has happened to altruism? As I listen to the debate over health care (and read the pundits, and especially the editorial cartoons) both sides of the debate have focused the issue around: “What’s in it for me!” That seems to be the driving force in our society today.

Maybe I am naive. I do consider myself a follower of the most altruistic person who ever lived. And I believe that is one of the major goals in being a follower of his – to put God and others before you. But that is not what being a Christian has become. We focus more on, surprise, surprise – “What’s in it for me,” than taking care of our brothers and sisters. Am I getting into heaven is more important that is my neighbor hungry.

I don’t care where you come out on the political spectrum, but if you are going to claim the name of Jesus – You need to stop asking what you are getting out of it. Or as JFK once said: “Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”

It’s not about you . . .


7Warners said...


After a visit to your church this past week I find it hard to believe that you feel this way about Christians. I have noticed that it is only those who claim to be Christians, for reasons other than their choice to be followers of Christs example, who are "in it for themselves" (It may be the Media's perception as well.)

Those who truly follow Christ (those who have taken care of themselves ONCE at the foot of the cross, through repentance and God's grace) realize what the diciples were taught by Christ himself, that joy comes from being Christ-like to those around you; often through acts of service, compassion and generosity.

At your own church I was warmly welcomed, my mind was stimulated, my soul was focused, and my car was even washed. Things like that don't happen if Christians are selfserving.

Worry about "getting to heaven" is a temperal worry. Getting others to heaven, just like feeding your hungry neighbor, a continual part of a Christians perpose.

Next time I'm in IN we'll have to see if you and Nancy can put your feet up for an afternoon @ the lake.


Anonymous said...

Pastor Steve,
Found your website after searching for you. Are you the Steve Conger that started Celebration UMC? If so, that is great! Celebration is planning it's 20th anny and I am doing the history. Hence, I wanted to find out where you are currently etc. Would you be willing to write a brief note to be included in the history?
May God Bless you and your ministry.
Carroll Moore,