Sunday, January 10, 2016

An Empty House

I have been slower writing than I would like.  I started a post last week, but have yet to finish it yet.  I will shoot for getting it up on Wednesday.  I have been hesitant to write on what seem to be political things, but it just keeps nagging at me.

It was a tough week.  As I shared earlier, Lindsey's leaving was hard!  But boy I wasn't ready for how difficult it would be to put Haley on the plane back to Chile.  She left Thursday and arrived back in Chile on Friday morning, but as I pulled away from the curb at O'Hare I realized just how different things really are.

I think I have been fooling myself about Haley's plan for staying in Chile.  She would always tell us that she planned to stay a year or two, but I am starting to think that a year or two is going to be a lot more than I anticipated.  As we talked on the way to the airport she shared about how she had received her work visa and would pick it up on Friday when she arrived back.  And as we continued talking I asked how long it was good for (one year) and she said that after two years she would be eligible to apply for permanent status (WHAT??)  I was not ready to hear that.  Seeing Haley and Lindsey just a couple of times a year is not what I was anticipating.  But, I remember when I moved away to Durham to head to Duke, I am sure it seemed like I was moving to LA or Chile to them.

I think what really sunk in, was the realization that neither Lindsey nor Haley will probably ever be in the house that they grew up in.  For both of them, this is really the only place that they have ever known as their "family" home.  But Nancy and I have made the decision that we will move sometime before summer.  Where, we don't know.  Sharing that in my last post got a few people asking lots of questions, but the truth is, we don't have answers.  We are trying hard to be patient and see where we are led.  And we know that it is going to all work out for the best.  But that said, it made me very sad realizing that they would not be here to say goodbye to this home and quite possibly to Munster.  Yep, life marches on.

One of the things I have realized is Nancy and I just need to figure out ways to visit them more often . . .  Oh if it were just that easy.  We feel torn between our children and our parents as we try to find the time to see them all and spend whatever time we have left in this life with those that we love.  But our trip to New Zealand, while it was amazing, and the beauty of the place left us speechless; what made the trip so special was that we got to do it with Haley!  What a blessing and gift that was!

Last night, despite the early snow in Munster, made the trek to Sand Creek CC to attend the Valparaiso Chamber's annual event where they honor community leaders.  It was great to be there to be able to celebrate the honoring of Sharon Kish who recently retired from Porter County United Way.  She is everything that is right with United Way.  During the flood she and I worked closely together on LARRI and if it wasn't for her leadership my distaste for United Way would be greater. 

Ten days into the New Year, and I am doing well on my resolutions.  I work hard every day to be a good husband; I am up to date in my plan to read through the Bible in one year (I am using Bible Gateway).  They have a great plan and even send the readings to you every day.  I continue reading Train Your Brain; however I am behind on the videos.  I will work on catching up on the videos before the end of the month.  My 1000 challenge is right on track.  Actually I am ahead of my plan.  As long as I don't get injured I think 1000 miles is in sight.  The big think for me is I need a goal to keep me motivated, so I hope to choose a half-marathon for April or May to run in.

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