Friday, September 16, 2016

How Jesus Saves the World

I was not familiar with Morgan Guyton until I stumbled across his new book, How Jesus Saves The World From Us.  Unlike Morgan I do not come from a conservative evangelical background, but instead grew up in main line churches that tended to lean ever so slightly towards progressivism.  I would call myself firmly in the center of the progressive camp today.

That said, I found his book challenging and refreshing.  I think what I appreciated most was the questions at the end of each section of the book.  They gave me a chance to stop and think about where we (I) need to move forward in my relationship with God. 

I recently was sent an article of his called “Six Things That Make White Christian America Toxic”.  In some ways it was a good summary of what was in the book, but maybe a bit more biting in tone. 

I would recommend the book to a discussion group that cares about helping the church be relevant to the culture today.

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