Friday, May 18, 2007


Interesting replies to my earlier post. Obviously a group out to save RC from the horrible protestants. My information on salvation came from my local priest who clearly informed me that outside the "church" there is NO salvation. Maybe he is wrong (of which I am certain), but he sure thought he was right!

He also refused to allow a non-catholic to participate in a funeral mass, because non-catholics were not allowed --- again quoting him "according to the bishop." Maybe it is different where you all are from, but unfortunately, Vatican II has not come to North-West Indiana.


Pat said...

I am a former Methodist (my husband was a minister) and I do live in North Central Indiana. I think you are misunderstanding what was said. "Outside the Church there is no salvation" does not mean that only Catholics are saved. What it does mean is a little complicated, but in essence it is a statement that salvation comes from Jesus Christ - which I'm sure you would not dispute!

Why should Catholics try to "save the Church from Protestants"? Protestants are no threat to the Church. But bigotry and misinformation is a threat to everyone.

Steve Conger said...

Sorry, he was refering to THE ROMAN CATHOLIC Church because I called him on it. Unfortunately, he also was arrested for some indescretion with children, but that is another issue.

Unload Your Sins said...

I'm sure Jesus would not like all of the fighting that organized religion can cause--I'm not sure why people feel the need to do this. Anyway, there's "Catholic Doctrine," then there are the many Catholic priests, etc. who feel that a lot of that Doctrine is a bunch of crap inherited from 1500 years of politics. The point is that if someone is a good person in the truest sense, they'd find a way to preside over this poor person's funeral. I know more than one priest who would--but they also know that they are at risk of being sanctioned for going against the Canon. Holding onto a specific religion is fine for tribal purposes, and the Roman Catholic Church has all that ritual that humans like (me included since I am a Roman Catholic...sort of...but I know Jesus would cringe at all the gold in the Vatican). But when someone's religion becomes a roadblock to being as Jesus-like as they can be, well, they're just not getting the point.