Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holy Land Adventure

Tuesday, November 8
The trip begins on a crazy note as I go to O'hare to pick up Nancy for her 9:30 arrival from visiting her parents in North Carolina.  The plane is late (and traffic was horrible), and I pick up Nancy at a little after 10:00 am.  We rush back to Munster, grab a quick bite at Panera and meet the group from Ridge as we begin our odyssey to the Holy Lands.

Our flight from Chicago to New York was late (are you noticing a theme), which turned out to be good.  Instead of a jam packed full plane, the flight to New York was relatively empty. We arrived just a little late, and had about an hour and a half wait until we boarded our plane for Tel Aviv.  Ran into the group from Church of Our Savior from Cincinnati, Ohio.  Grabbed a quick bite to eat, made a coupe of phone calls and boarded the plane a little before 8 pm for our departure at 8:50 for Tel Aviv.  The adventure was really beginning.

Every seemed to be on schedule for an on time departure, the plane was absolutely full (actually had more passengers than seats --- don't ask, it is a long story.)  A little before our scheduled time to pulled away from the gate to jump into the air ---- but alas, it was not to be.  A man, sitting in front of Kathy, was ill.  A doctor on the plane tended to him and the airline stopped the plane on the tarmac.  After a long delay, the airline decided to remove the man from the plane, he, however, refused to deplane without his bags, so they had to find his bag.  After a long wait (and we had no idea that this was going on at the time), we finally backed away from the gate once again to make the long jump to Israel.  At 11:11 pm our plane was airborne and on the way.

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