Monday, November 07, 2011

Israel Bound

I heard from my father last night that there was to be a general strike in Israel beginning today that would shut down the airport and thus jeopardize our trip.  Fortunately, the strike was short lived (only four hours), so as of now, we are a go.  Tomorrow at this time I will be heading to O’Hare with the group from Ridge Church to begin our great adventure.  We depart O’Hare at 2:50 and fly to NY where we will change planes and depart around 9pm.  We are scheduled to arrive in Tel Aviv at 2:50 local time on Wednesday afternoon.  Once we gather up our belongings, go through customs, etc, we will be on our way to Tiberius and the Royal Plaza Hotel.

The Royal Plaza is not one of my favorites, but by going their first we will enjoy the hotel in Jerusalem all the more!  We will spend 3 nights in Tiberius before heading to Jerusalem on Saturday. 

I will try to blog every day, but I am not sure that I have internet access in Tiberius.  If not I will post my daily blogs once we arrive in Jerusalem.

I am ready for some Sabbath time!

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