Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Update from the holidays

Wow, I actually stayed away from work during my holiday which began at midnight Christmas Eve.  We had wonderful worship at Ridge Church and I was exhausted!  My holiday got extended a little with the major snow and cold that we are going through, but I am enjoying the slow pace of getting back into the groove.  I "preached" last Sunday, but it was nothing that I had prepared.  With the terrible weather I decided to hold the original sermon that I wrote and preach it on the 12th.  I will begin a three week series looking at Ridge Church Vision Statement. In case you don't know it (or have forgotten) the Vision Statement of Ridge Church is:

We of Ridge United Methodist Church are united with Jesus Christ in His ministry of compassion for all people by offering HOPE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and MEANING FOR LIFE.

Over the next three weeks I will look at those three components that make Ridge Church what we are.  This is something that I started doing a few years ago, and think it is important that we as a church do often to remind us of our core purpose.

The rest of my time I spent cleaning my basement (which desperately needed it).  I wish I could say I finished the project, but in truth I am only about 1/3 done.  But I did manage to find some time to try my hand at kegging beer rather than bottling it.  With some of the money I received as presents, I went out and bought a beginner kegging system.  I had two beers that were ready to be finished, so I bottled the Bourbon Barrel Porter and I kegged the Scottish.  The advantages to kegging are many!!  First, it takes a lot less time.  Be beer is ready in a week or so rather than two weeks, and there are ways to even speed up that process. Second, you don't have to fill 50 bottles or so, you just fill one 5 gallon keg!  And I think the beer tastes great coming out of the keg.  I am building a keezer to hold my new creations (taking a freezer and turning it into a keg dispensing system).  There is a great video on how to make on on the Northern Brewer site: Keezer Video  I hope to stain the collar tonight and finish it this weekend!

Keep warm my friends, and if you want to try one of my homebrews stop on by.  I have six available right now.
1.    Black IPA
2.    Coffee Stout
3.    Vanilla Bean Porter
4.    Irish Red               bottled 10/25/13
5.    English IPA
6.    Bourbon Porter       brewed 11/10/13    bottled 12/27/13

7.    Scottish Ale            brewed 12/1/13      kegged 12/27/13

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