Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Canada 2011

Jim picked me up about 5:15 am and we headed out to Griffith Airport to meet Jimmy.

Lots of low clouds initially, got some great sunrise pictures and pictures of the full moon.  We flew up the lake but it was too cloudy to really get pictures of Chicago.

Very uneventful flight, actually made it about 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

After  stopping to get groceries, airplane gas and bait we headed out to the cottage.

Got to Lac Lu, and went fishing for our dinner.
Fishing was slow and I went a long time without catching anything, eventually Jim caught enough for dinner.  I caught:
2 walleye
3 northern pike
1 croppy
Took a couple of pictures, but nothing spectacular

In the morning we headed out to Fletcher, about 50 miles north of Lac Lu by airplane.  Very low ceiling, lots of clouds at about 2,000 feet.  We arrived and headed out with 4 or five dozen minnows with the goal of catching 100 walleye.

We were catching them like crazy, but after having been out for less than an hour we got soaked by a huge thunderstorm.  We headed for shelter to ride it out.
After it was over we got back to work.  Within 2 1/2 hours we were out of minnows, and had caught 105 walleyes.  What was weird is that we did not catch anything else.  I caught 35 Walleye.

We headed back to Lac Lu, while we were over Minaki, it started to rain, and there were very dark clouds in front of us.  We landed a few minutes later at Lac Lu and it started to really rain.  As we pulled up to the dock, it came down in a torrent.  It would have been a disaster if we had been just a little slower (we would have had to land on a different lake and wait out the storm).  The storm lasted about an hour.

Later that evening (at about 4:00 pm) Jim and I went out to fish on Lac Lu.  We should have stayed home!  I caught 1 northern, and didn't have many bites.

Had a delicious spaghetti dinner and Jimmy had even baked a birthday cake for me.  I would have liked to have been home, but it was a very touching gesture.

We were supposed to go to south scott, but way too windy
Went to Culloden instead.  We took big boat to Bennett's because it was so rough.

With such rough conditions, it was not surprising, but the fishing was real slow.  I managed to catch 4 walleye and 2 Northern.  We got enough to bring back for a fish dinner tomorrow night.

Went back via Kenora to get more bait and Jim decided to get the oil changed in the van
we ate lunch at crappy chinese place while oil was being changed.  Got bait and gas and headed back to the cottage.

When we got to bennett's we saw one of the workers bringing a boat up out of the water and realized that it was the big boat.  About 30 minutes earlier, the boat had swamped and flipped over from the heavy wave action.  We had to borrow a boat so that we could get out to the cottage.  They are going to try to dry it out and get the motor running again.  

It is still very windy at 4:30, so we are not going to go out and fish Lac Lu tonight.  Instead, once the waves settle down Jimmy and I are going to take the borrowed boat back and try to get online.

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