Sunday, August 21, 2011

Canada pt 2

Got up and flew to Fletcher. Beautiful day to fly. Watched a number of float planes take off and land, got some pretty good pictures. Caught a total of 107 fish, I caught only 30 and was clearly low man on totem pole. Flight back was equally beautiful. Got a picture of Culloden lake from the air, we will see if I can identify it when I can rename pictures.  Once again I find something about the iPad that I cannot stand. 

Not going out fishing this afternoon which is fine with me.  Going to work on sermon for the 28th and the next sermon series. 

Completed a rough draft of the sermon.  Probably going to wait and finish it when I get home and after I hear what Nathan has to say this Sunday.  

Planned to go to South Scott Lake this morning.  Storms all night, lots of lightning and a little rain, but I never heard thunder.  The sky was full of lightning!

Windy in the morning, but we decided to head to South Scott.  We got 3/4 of the way there when we remembered that we forgot the gas for the boat engine, so we had to turn around and get it.  Had to add gas to the plane as well.  Headed back to South Scott and got tied up to the shore.  Jimmy and I got the boat that is stashed at the lake into the water and emptied the plane of all our gear.  Unfortunately we were unable to start the boat motor, so after about 1/2 hour we headed back to Lac Lu.

Jim and I went out fishing for fish to bring home.  I caught 6 (4 keepers) and Jim caught 5 (2 keepers).  We fished until about 1:30 and headed in for lunch.

This afternoon we will need to take the plane to Redit where it is stored for the winter.  Before we could do that, Jimmy and I flew to Kenora to fill the plane up with fuel.  It is really windy and he had to fight the wind in turning the plane.  We had a hard time getting back to the dock when we returned to Lac Lu.  Jim and I will drive to Redit while Jimmy flies the plane, we will meet him where the plane is being left for the winter.

Left Lac Lu at 6:45 am to begin the journey home. According to the weather reports we might be in for a bumpy ride home. Should be home around noonish.  

Flight was good until we got about 15 minutes from home. Jimmy is a great pilot and did a great job getting us around a very large and potentially dangerous storm. 

Got home about 1 pm. It is good to be home!

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