Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Catching Up

I have been very neglectful of my blog lately. I am about 5 books behind that I will try to post over the next week or so.

Last year, Lindsey and I completed the Indianapolis Half Marathon. I had set a goal of completing the 13.1 miles in 3hours 15 minutes (or 15 minute miles). Somehow, we managed to complete the course in a 14:24 mile pace. Since then, I got the crazy idea that I wanted to complete a full marathon. Nancy has done something like ten marathons (including 2 Boston Marathons), so I thought it would be cool to join that club.

On Saturday, September 3, Lindsey and I plan on completing the Marquette Marathon. Nancy was supposed to run the race, but she is laid up with an injury and probably will be relegated to cheering us on.

I thought the preparation for the half marathon was difficult, but this has been unreal. Getting ready is all consuming! Everyday I am out pounding the pavement trying to make sure that I am ready. My feet are covered in blisters! But I am feeling pretty good about my chances of competing the course in under 6 1/2 hours. The farthest I have gone is 18 miles, and shortly after doing that came down with sever bronchitis, but I am back on the pavement and hope to do 12-18 miles either tomorrow or Friday depending on which day looks better as far as the heat is concerned. I did 10 miles yesterday.

Regardless of whether I finish the race or not, the preparation has helped get me in the best shape that I have been in in 25 years. It feels good to be able to walk 5 miles and not even be tired. The biggest concern is my feet -- I hope that they can hold out.

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