Thursday, July 20, 2006


Had a wonderful day yesterday at the Polynesian Cultural Center. They do an remarkable job showing the various cultures that make up Polynesia. We had a great, but exhausting day.

We started the morning by heading to the Dole Plantation. They have a huge maze that you can work your way through. Jessica, Lindsey and I completed it in about 30 minutes. Haley and Nancy finished about 10 minutes later. Following that we headed up to the north shore and saw some crazy kids jumping off rocks into the ocean. Not surprisingly, Lindsey wanted to give it a try. Unfortunately we didn't have time.

Spent the rest of the day at the Cultural Center. After the show we drove back to our hotel (everyone was pretty much asleep) and I had the joy of finding the parking lot full. I drove around for a while before I finally gave in and parked at one of the outrageous pay lots.

We let the girls sleep in and soon we will leave for Pearl Harbor --- I am really looking forward to experiencing it. The rest of the day will be on the beach and getting packed up, because tomorrow early we head to the Big Island.

Won't get pictures up this morning, but will get them up tonight.

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