Thursday, July 20, 2006

Round 1

Vowed I wouldn’t work on Wrestling with God while here in paradise. Seems I just can’t get away from it. Got an interesting e-mail about someone who was scheduled to have surgery next week. He was having doubts about the surgery and another friend called and suggested a less invasive procedure. He wasn’t sure what to do, and while pondering the situation, got a phone call from his surgeon saying one of the machines that was needed for the surgery was needing repair so the surgery would need to be rescheduled. He saw it as the hand of God?

QUESTION: Did God cause that machine to break so that he could avoid the surgery?

And if God did —> what about the poor schmuck who had the surgery before the machine broke; does that mean that God does not like them as much?

How God works is one of the most perplexing issues for modern people.

What is the nature of prayer?
What does it accomplish?

These are the questions that we must wrestle with!

Can’t think of a better place to struggle with these issues.

Aloha. Steve

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