Saturday, July 29, 2006

I'm Not Bad Either

When Lindsey and I went cliff jumping the other day, only the pictures of Lindsey turned out (gee -- I wonder who had to come out of the ocean to take them). Since bike riding was still out of the question from the mess --- and the surf was really up on the ocean, Lindsey wanted to jump again. She tried to get her sisters, but . . . So that left me. I worked with Nancy to use the camera so that it could take multiple shots and as you can see, she did pretty good. I managed to service a second jump. The pictures of Lindsey however did not turn out.

This is our last night. Tomorrow afternoon we board a AA 767 and head back to the hot Midwest. Even though the surf is rather rough, the weather is beautiful.

Nancy and I are sending the girls to a movie so that we can have dinner at a restaurant that we ate at 20 years ago. (I hope it is the right one --- my memory is not as good as it used to be.

The challenge comes on Monday as I as sure I will want to swing by the church. Guess I will have to get out my golf clubs!



Anonymous said...


The photos have been wonderful!! What a great vacation. The things you've seen and done. You've all been to Hawaii before right? Fantastic experience I'm sure. You did quite a good job posting pictures and text despite being so busy.

Welcome home.


Anonymous said...

A L O H A !

Glad to see you jump off the cliff - you are a brave one! Having dinner at a honeymoon restaurant - I'm sure - brings back many beautiful memories!

Farewll to Hawaii with all of God's beauty, lush foliage, and georgeous sunsets - which you so aptly captured in your photographs!

Welcome back to Indiana!!!