Saturday, July 29, 2006

Not always the way we plan

Yesterday at 1:50 in the morning the phone in our hotel rang to let me know that our bike ride was being canceled! BOO HOO It was the one thing that I was really looking forward to do, the thought was that we might be able to do it the next day, but tropical depression Dennis has really upset the apple cart.

Since we couldn't go biking, we though we would go to Hana instead. Of course it rained all day --- but the views were still spectacular.

We drove all the out to Charles Lindbergh grave, which is besides a pretty little church in the middle of nowhere.

He hiked a bit, but the rain was just too much and so we headed back to Kaanapali.

We stopped to have dinner along the beach at the Aloha Mixed Plate and saw another beautiful sunset. Pat, your right --- why don't we notice them at home, because they are certainly there!

Time is passing too quickly.

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