Thursday, September 27, 2007


Why is that such a hard thing to do?

Somewhere along the way in our genetic structure is seems that their is a breakdown in our ability to truly communicate with one another. We think we say one thing, somebody hears something totally different. It's weird how that happens. Even if the disputed item is recorded, many times we cannot get over what we perceived that we heard.

Sometimes this is over BIG issues, other times it is over nothing of consequence.

We faced that this week at the church. The Education Team decided to dispose of some old wooden chairs, two people ended up giving them away. Who was suppose to make the arrangements --- my hunch is, it depends on who you ask. Both thought they were doing a good thing. Unfortunately, a group of people came to pick them up, and the office found out that they were gone --- oops!

And, why is it also hard for us to dialog with those we don't understand? Are we afraid of what they might say, afraid that they may challenge our own views and we might need to change?

Just some wayward ramblings this morning.

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