Saturday, September 22, 2007

Marathons and Stress Fractures

Nancy is planning on running in her fifth Chicago Marathon in a couple of weeks. And as a result of her fantastic time last year in the Chicago Marathon, (she finished in 3:55) she qualified, and is registered to run in the 112th Boston Marathon in April of 2008.

A couple of years ago, as she was getting close to the race, Nancy felt something wrong in her leg, only to discover that she had a stress fracture. The ortho doctor (who was not a sports medicine doctor) thought that she was nuts for running marathons and told her not to run.

Well, last Friday, after Nancy finished her 20 mile long run for the week, had the same feeling she had before. She was pretty convinced that she once again had a stress fracture. She tried to call the doctor she saw before, but she was not available. I got in contact with Dr Lorin Brown, a ortho doctor who specializes in sports injuries, especially with children and youth. He saw Nancy on Wednesday, and after looking at her was also convinced that she has a stress fracture.

However, instead of ruling out the marathon in 2 weeks, he put an air cast on her leg, told her to run in a pool, and take it easy for the next two weeks, but that she could still run in Chicago on the 7th of October. When you train for something for 6 months, to find out that you might not be able to complete what you have been working for is disheartening. So, finding out that she could still run made her feel great (scared, but great!)
She ran in the Holloway's pool this afternoon, and is going to test the leg in a short run next week --- so keep your fingers crossed.

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