Monday, September 24, 2007

Thanks Zephie!

Six years ago, after much pushing and prodding, the girls and I convinced Nancy to let us get a dog. After many trips to the various Human Societies in the area, we came home with a one year old Shitzu. We named him Zephaniah --- Zephie for short.

For the first couple of years of living with the Conger's he wasn't much of a dog --- he was more like a cat. He didn't like sitting on your lap, or coming when called --- instead when he wanted attention he would come and get it from you, but when he was done, he was done! That didn't matter, we loved him all the same, and eventually he became a real loving, affectionate dog.

When I would come home from the church, Zephie would run at me and leap into my arms (the girls say that isn't true, but I know it is!). Every day Zephie and I would go for a 2 - 3 mile walk, it was our ritual, our special time together.

Back in early June, Zephie, almost overnight started to get sick. He would cough and wheeze and be unable to get his breath. When I took him to the Vet, he told me that he had congestive heart failure --- he also reminded me that he had been telling me for 6 years that Zephie had a heart murmur (I never thought anything of it --- now I know what he was trying to tell me.) Overnight, Zephie went from a dog who would walk 3 miles and when we got home want to play, to a dog who could not talk around the block.

Thanks to medicines we were able to regulate the problem, but it seemed like every couple of weeks would would have to increase the dosage. Two weeks ago, Zephie got real bad --- I took him to the Vet and she asked me if I was ready to put him down. I knew that it was coming but I wasn't ready. We gave him all kinds of shots, and even more pills, so that we could let Jessica come home to see him one more time.

Jessica was here this weekend, and yesterday, Zephie was his old self (I am sure the extra pills that I was giving didn't hurt). She got to spend some wonderful time with him, and for that I am thankful.

In a few minutes, I am going to take him on a walk, as far as he wants to go --- we loved our walks together --- and then I am taking him to Dr Matthews so that he can be at peace. Dr. Matthews is a wonderful Vet --- he is truly a Dr Doolittle, and he will let me hold Zephie as we say goodbye to him.

To say that Zephie has been my friend is not enough. He has loved me unconditionally from the day that we brought him home. I am going to miss you my friend!
Here are some pictures of Zephie over the years.

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Maria said...

My sympathies to your family on the loss of beloved Zephie. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved one. We lost our 24-yr old Siamese to just plain old age about 4 years ago. Gar and I said our goodbyes at the vet as he went in for his last checkup (he died on the exam table). We brough him home to have him buried. He was just one of the family. Now, we have Rudy - a mini dachshund who has filled the empty spot in our hearts. He too has become one of the "kids". Once again, I can empathize with your loss.