Thursday, September 13, 2007

Purdue Calumet

Last night at Sunset --- Rosh Hashana began, last year I was in Jerusalem and went to an awesome synagogue service. This year, Rabbi Steven's asked me if I would fill in for him and teach his class at Purdue Calumet. The class is The Bible As Literature (Old Testament). Today was their first day actually looking at the scripture and we studied Genesis 1-11.

It was an amazing experience. I love teaching at the church, and thought I would enjoy teaching college age students, but even I was surprised at how much fun it was. About half the class were clearly taking it because I imagine it is a pretty easy grade --- the other half were really engaged in the class. I had a hard time getting the class to talk at first, but (my Disciple classes will enjoy this) I broke them into three small groups and forced at least a larger group to talk. We ended up having a great discussion.

I hope I get the chance to do it again!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Steve -

Glad to hear you like teaching at Purdue Calumet - and breaking them up into small groups makes for better communication and better learning - as it does with Disciple class. Actually, I got my Masters Degree at Purdue Calumet and enjoyed it very much.