Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I told you last time that I got my flight information for Israel. Well, how I got it was via an e-mail from my travel agent. I am still waiting for more substantial documentation. I e-mailed them last week to ask about 1) availability of hotel in Jerusalem for whole time, 2) seat assignments on flight (I have to have an aisle --- yes, I am a little claustrophobic), 3) what the flight is costing me. Seems like pretty reasonable requests. Well, since I didn't hear anything by Monday morning I decided to give them a call --- and what did I get --- VOICE MAIL. It is now late Tuesday morning (almost noon at my travel agent) and I still haven't heard back. WHAT's THE DEAL?

To add to my frustration, while in Hawaii, we got double charged at a little cafe. They caught it the next day (July 23rd is when it happened), but for some reason, I cannot get them to credit my account. I have called a half dozen times and all I hear are excuses . . .

Yep, I am a little frustrated.

My schedule is a mess, but so what else is new --- I am on sabbatical, why should I be driven by a schedule?

Off to Rotary today. Tomorrow I will get back into the picture taking routine!



Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear about your frustrations, but this often happens with travel agencies. I'm sure, with patience, everything will happen to your satisfaction.

Glad that the cease fire is comming along and peayers are being answered.

Since you recommended the Berry book, I will try to get it and read it.

Good luck on your photo shoots - and God be with you!


Anonymous said...

Steve - It is good to hear from you - even if only to vent frustrations!!