Sunday, August 20, 2006


Nancy and I took Jessica to Butler this weekend. It was an exciting, sad, depressing event. Exciting, because we know this is truly the beginning of Jessica's adult life. The choices she makes will be hers. Hopefully we did a good job in giving her values so that she can make good choices. Sad, because I know that Jessica will never be home the same way again. When she returns, she will not be my little girl, instead she will be a young woman. Depressing, because I am not old enough to have a child in college!!!

It was strange, as we got ready to leave both Nancy and I realized that while we had made arrangements for Lindsey and Haley, we forgot all about Zephie (our dog). Lindsey came to the rescue and came home a number of times to take him out for his walks! Yeah Lindsey! Lindsey had a soccer game on Saturday (unfortunately they lost) and Haley had a confirmation retreat, and a soccer game Sunday afternoon in DeMotte; so it was a busy weekend for the Conger's.

Tomorrow I am heading to my parents to play computer technician (that's a scary thought), but it will be the last chance that I have to see them before I leave for Israel, they are leaving on a holiday next week.

Happy 51st Anniversary Mom and Dad!

I hope to get a detailed schedule of what I plan on doing in Israel on line this week. Check out the Butler pictures. I will try to get some soccer pictures up soon.

Thanks Pat for your comments. I will respond when I have more time. And don't worry Kathryn, I am not a "slave" to my schedule. I would probably do better if I was a little more of a slave to it, but that is another story.

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Glad to hear Jessica got off to a good start at Butler! We felt the same way when we sent our son to pre-med at St. Joe's College - but the sorrow soon turns to joy when you see how well they've adjusted.

Happy anniversary to your Mom and Dad - we will be celebrating our 36th soon.

Regarding the dilemma of the Methodist churches in Northwest Indiana - I had the bad experience of teaching in a parochial school where enrollment went from 600 to l00 (when they finally closed the school and church). They had many youth programs including Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts - but that didn't stop the decline.

Ridge Church is headed in the right direction with open gym and many youth programs. Since attending Ridge for 32 years - more progress has been made in the development of the church with you as minister than any other minister. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

The nearby Lutheran Church has an elementary grade school program. Is this anywhere in the future for Ridge?? You will certainly get people that are on the "edge".