Sunday, August 06, 2006

What A Weekend

I have finally gotten my Hawaii pictures up on my website and have added the first 22 churches that I have taken pictures of. Last night attended the Jimmy Buffett concert with friends and had a great time --- the only down side is that I have a nasty cold right now. It was kicking in at the end of last week and has really laid me low today.

Tomorrow I am going to do some things around the house (get our medical bills all paid), and hopefully play a little golf in the afternoon. Tuesday - Thursday I will be at Swan Lake (Plymouth) for a two day golf school. I told you I was gonna get some golf in while I was on Sabbatical.

To those of you who are wondering what is going on in my mind with Israel --- let me try to explain. Two main factors are influencing me.

1) I will probably never have the opportunity to spend a month in Israel again. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Anything less would be very disappointing.

2) I have talked with a number of people in the middle east or who have friends in Israel and this is what they have told me.
There is no threat in Jerusalem! Actually stay south of Haifa and everything is fine.
There will be a peace settlement very soon.

I still have a couple of concerns. My travel agent is supposed to get back to me about the availability of the hotel in Jerusalem for the entire time.

I am also looking at spending those 8 days that I had scheduled in Tiberias in Jordan. I hope to get that settled by tomorrow. At least that is on my agenda!

Thanks for everyone's concern.


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