Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wander Indiana

Remember the old "wander Indiana" license plates? Well that is what I did today. I headed out of Munster down 41 and hit 22 United Methodist Churches mainly in Benton, Warren and Newton Counties. I am spending the night in Lebanon --- no Israeli bombs dropping so far.

What made today especially fun is that my AC is not working on my car. It was HOT!

So the 64,000 question is: What is your plans as far as Israel?
The answer is not a simple one --- I have been in contact with my travel agent trying to see if I can be assured of a hotel in Jerusalem for the entire month. I also am looking at the possibility of spending a week in Jordan. It is all very complicated right now and it makes my head spin. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get an answer.

Tomorrow is the big day for Lindsey --- she finds out if she made the soccer team. I hate that I won't be home, but I will be back on Friday and will take her out for something special to celebrate!

I need to run. Still a couple of pages from Hawaii to get up and now I have church pictures to get on the web. I thought this was supposed to be restful?



Anonymous said...

I can't sleep. I keep hearing a thumping noise that happens every single minute! AH! There it was again.

-Scaredy Cat Daughter-

Anonymous said...

I want my Hawaii pictures. What did you do with them? Good thing that you have this website, otherwise I wouldn't know where you are. ;) Oh and I would like to know how to resize pictures, in a way that doesn't take forever and isn't too complicated. Goodnight!

-Me again-

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear your AC is out - but glad you are coping with it.

I pray that you get to Israel and I listen to the news daily. Hope God answers my prayers!

Hope Lindsey gets on the soccer team - as I know what it's like - I played on my schools soccer and baseball teams for 2 years.

Again - your cliff jumping pictures are great (my favorite) - and the view from the Kaanapali Beach Hotel is awesome!



Anonymous said...

Glad you're all home again safe and sound. I can't believe you are even considering going to Isreal right now - for your beautiful family's sake, and by the way, for your self.
Now is not the time.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Indiana. I feel the same way about Hawaii. Wish we could go back every year. Hope your AC is repaired.