Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Last week I wrote about my experience with State Farm on getting my camera replaced. On Friday I thought that we were starting to make progress, but of course, they did not call me back. It wasn't until I called on Monday that I heard from them again (interesting how that works). This time I was put in contact with a camera specialist. She felt that the closest replacement was a Cannon G9. A very nice compact point and shoot --- with a much smaller zoom capability that they would rectify with a telephoto converter. She suggested that the D40X was a step up from my camera and she could not recommend it.

Interesting that they will not "step up", but seem more than willing to step down. Hence the suggestion of the Coolpix s51 or the Cannon G9. It became apparent that the goal was to get me to settle at the least cost to the company --- not to get my value out, nor to, in good faith, truly replace what I had. If they had offered me what I had spent on the 8800, minus my deductible, I would have been ecstatic!

The "camera specialist" was not willing to budge. Even though we were comparing a compact car with a full sized car, that was not in her mind grounds to justify looking at anything else. It stinks because I had almost no recourse. When I called back later in the day with the original adjuster, I requested that she let me have the quote they offered me on Friday, even though it is not close to being what I had. This way I would get $230.00 from State Farm, instead of the $125.00 that the camera specialist offered. My loss was $1,000 (for which I had receipts) I have a $500 deductible, so I understand that I have to eat $500, but to have to grovel to get half of that is ridiculous. What would it be like if I didn't have any receipts!

Guess it is time to start looking for a new company to insure my property.

PS I ordered a new Nikon D80 camera --- I can't wait to get it! I ordered if from Amazon, off the church website, so Ridge should get a small portion of the price!

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