Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I have just finished Dead Koontz novel, Icebound. I understand that it is a reworking of an earlier book that he wrote, called Prison of Ice.

Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

This is the first Dean Koontz book that I have read, and to be honest, it was not what I expected. Nancy had previously read a book of his, and said that it was quite bizarre. Nothing bizarre about this book other than the blizzard that the characters find themselves in.

The story is about a team of scientists who are attempting to develop a way to break apart a piece of the polar icecap so that it can be floated and eventually be used to help solve some of the water shortage issues. The reason why they are there is not important, it is the adventure that takes place when a Tsunami causes the ice shelf that they are on to break away, after they have loaded it with explosives set to go off in a few hours. It is a classic tale of: how are we going to survive, along with a murderous twist.

A well told story that I found hard to put down. I would like to read some more of Koontz's work, any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

Dean Koontz's newest book comes out on Nov. 27. It called The Darkest Evening of the Year. (I don't know how to make the title underlined here!!!) I printed out a 40% coupon for you from Borders if you're interested. I'll drop it in your box on Sunday.