Friday, November 16, 2007

Winning At Life

A number of years ago Nancy, the administrative assistant at Ridge Church returned from a conference she had attended. While she was there, she heard about a church the sponsored a breakfast for the football team prior to every game. We all thought that was the coolest idea, but we knew something like that would never fly in the separation of church and state north, but pondered how we could create something similar.

Three or four years ago, WINNING AT LIFE, was born! Initially we worked with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (a group which has gone belly up here), but since then, we have developed a rapport with the coaches that they trust us and know that we are not going to "proselytize" their students.

What do we do? We offer a hot and taste breakfast cooked by the men of Ridge Church, a hearty thank you to the teams and coaches for making our community a great place to live, and a "Two Minute Drill". Wes Lukoshus, a lay member of the church gives a short, positive, funny life lesson to the students. And then we send them off to school.

This morning we had about 140 at our breakfast. For a while, I thought we might have to perform a miracle (ala. the loaves and fishes) but somehow we pulled it off. This was our 5th breakfast this school year, and we will have at least three more and maybe a fourth this spring.

Thanks to everyone who makes this ministry so successful!

Chuck & Dave in the Kitchen - Wes giving the 2 minute drill

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