Friday, December 21, 2007

Funny Story

A friend gave me for Christmas a leather bound copy of a book that I read a number of years ago. I passed my original copy around which just proved how crazy and what a heritic I am --- it is well read. What struck me was the difference between how we as Christians react and how Muslim's react when we poke fun at our religious traditions.

The book that I am referring to is LAMB: The Gospel According To Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal. A friend shared this book with me years ago, and I don't think I have ever laughed so hard at anything I have read. It is the story of Jesus, told by his friend Bif --- who you might call a smart-ass. This book tells the story of what growing up Jesus was like --- from a hilarious and irreligious point of view. It fills in all those "missing years" that are not found in our Bible. If you are easily offended DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!!!! Some might even call it blasphemous, but if you have a healthy sense of humor, and can laugh at your religious traditions, then by all means --- read away.

What struck me, is how the Muslim community would respond to a book written about Muhammad's childhood from this perspective. Why is it so hard to laugh at our selves? A woman names a teddy bear Muhammad and she is put under a ban. COME ON --- lighten up. Can anybody help me here?


Jeff said...

Steve, don't you think it's possible that just as you and I are able to find humor in Lamb while other Christians might be outraged, that it is also possible for some Muslims to appreciate humor about Islam while some are outraged?

Steve Conger said...

Could be, But I don't want to kill someone for making fun of Jesus. I am sure many are offended by Lamb. I guess I just want to say: LIGHTEN UP! and learn to laugh at yourself!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to try this book, Steve, but I'm a bit worried that the nuns weren't kidding when they said the church roof would fall on my head. Maybe I'll brave it over vacation.............Diane

Anonymous said...

Steve, I read that book years ago and loved it. We thought about putting it on our summer reading list but decided not to because it is too provocative. I think Christians can laugh at this book because we're secure in our faith; we haven't been persecuted recently in the US, at least not like the Muslims have.