Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Salty Piece of Land

OK, I have to admit. I am a parrothead. Somewhere along the way, I got introduced to the music of Jimmy Buffett. I remember when I was in college, some of my friends were into his music, but I thought it was too country. Ten or fifteen years ago, I really began to listen to his music. There is such a longing and an angst in the music that it really drew me in. Jimmy is a former Altar Boy who can't stand organized religion (maybe that has something to do with why I like his music). But it is not his music that I want to write about --- it is one of his books.

I have read all of Jimmy's books. Just recently I listened to (I had read it earlier) A Salty Piece of Land. It is the story of a Wyoming cowboy who takes off on a crazy adventure that ends up in the Bahama's with the restoration of a Lighthouse. The story travels throughout the Caribbean Islands and the coast of Central America, visiting some of my favorite places (the Mayan ruins of Tulum being just one place). Like all good fluffy novels, everything turns out good in the end. But before we can get their, we must deal with all kinds of mishaps, broken relationships, and fishing.

If you love the islands, want to learn about lighthouses in a creative way, fascinated by old schooners or always wanted to know something about flats fishing --- Jimmy Buffett will keep you amused.

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