Monday, December 24, 2007

Monday Night Fooball

I am so naive! Is nothing sacred anymore. As I turned on my computer, I was checking the sports scores from yesterday, and I received quite a shock. There is Monday Night Football tonight. Yes, tonight. It's Christmas Eve. What is that about?

I guess I thought that the NFL would hold one day as significant. The one good thing is that it is in San Diego so that it is a 5pm local start. But come on!!! I feel sorry for all those player who are gone from home today and will get home very late tonight. And what about the stupid fans, it is the playoff push for San Diego who need to win tonight to avoid playing New England until the championship game --- so you know that they are going to be there.

But what about the families. It is bad enough in our society how we make sports our god (and yes, I am guilty with Duke basketball), but one day, can't we not have sports for one day!!! At least the NCAA has no games until the 26th and almost none until the weekend. Duke is even nice enough not to have any games until the 6th of January (that way I won't miss any while I am out of the country!)

Money is what decides when the games are played. That is why we now have NFL football on Thursday evenings and Sunday night as well as Monday night. It is time to say ENOUGH!

On a final note --- How about those Bears! Where has that team been all season. Maybe we just needed to play more games with Green Bay!


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madmacs said...

Two games with Green Bay was plenty!
I can't imagine why Green Bay embarrassed us loyal Packer fans TWICE this year!
Glad to see you had a good trip and welcome back!
Mike McIntyre