Saturday, December 29, 2007


Another great day!

We got up early again and headed north to visit some of the places in the Northern part of Israel. Again, the weather was wonderful, getting close to 70!!

We began by driving an hour or so to Hazor, the ancient Cannanite and Israelite city. A great deal has taken place here in the year since I was last at Hazor. They have continued to work on the Cannanite palace. We ran down the water system, and did not have much more time to explore.

Following Hazor, we traveled to Tel Dan. This was the northern most point of the promised land. Dan is also a nature park, in which springs provide water for the Jordan River. The key attraction to Tel Dan is a mud brick arched entryway that is over 3,000 years old. Unfortunately, it was covered up in scaffolding and very hard to see.

We then drove the short distance to Caeserea Phillipi. We really did not visit Caeserea Phillipi instead we were across the road at Banyas. This was the site of ancient pagen worship centers to the god Pan.

Then it was off to Nimrod's fortress in the Mt Hermon range. Mt Hermon is beautifully snow covered (not the area we were in). Nimrod's Fortress is a Islamic castle strategically located. We crawled around for a while and then continued on up the Mt Hermon range to a little area called ??Har Ram?? (I am not sure) There was a lake and a place where we could eat lunch. It was a neat place.

David then took us on an excursion to the "Valley of Tears", the site of a major battle with Syria during the Yom Kipur War. It was a moving experience as we could look across the fields and into Syria.

We drove back to the Galilee and stopped at Bethsaida on the way home. This was where I was involved in a dig 12 years ago or so. It was disappointing because we really could not get to the important areas due to current excavations going on.

Back to the hotel exhausted!

We went into Tiberias to the Diamond Factory (Ugh!) and then walked around town for a little while before headed back to the hotel and bed.

For some reason my pictures will not upload. I will try again first thing in the morning.

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