Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Too Busy

Sorry I haven't written anything. We have been way too busy and I am having a hard time keeping us just getting pictures on line. But before I go to bed tonight I will be caught up.

We have had a couple of people under the weather, and everyone is exhausted but we are having a great time.

At 8:00 this morning, while we were on the road to Masada, we joined all of you at home ringing in the new year. Our college collection stayed up last night to ring in the New Year here as well (and they are really dragging tonight!).

I need to get back to my pictures. I know I take way too many, but oh well, you can look through them quickly and I never know what image I may want to use for a bulletin or a sermon.

Tomorrow we go into the Old City for the first time! YEAH I love that place!

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to all of you! We are enjoying the photos. Love to all of you as we begin 2008! Diane and Michelle