Monday, January 28, 2008

Catching Up

Wow, I can't believe that it has been two weeks since I last posted. My life has been spinning out of control for the past few weeks, and except for the spinning part --- I think I have gotten most things under control. I woke up with vertigo last Wednesday, and it still hasn't gone away -- so far my doctor hasn't been able to figure it out. But I know what the best cure will be --- I leave for Stetson's Winter Pastor School next Sunday --- if it is not gone before then, it will be after I arrive.

Last week was crazy on the social calendar as well. It really began the week before when we had our first meeting of a book group that we formed with the Kitchell's and Lukoshus'. It was great to get together and dialog about a book.

Last Monday I got up at 3am and headed to Indy to sit with Larry while Lisa had her surgery. The operation took close to 9 hours and was not as successful as we would have hoped. Once Lisa recovers from the surgery she will be facing some lengthy chemotherapy.

Wednesday was Ed Alt's funeral. Boy did he fight hard!

Thursday, Nancy and I went to see MY FAIR LADY in Chicago. It was a part of the Broadway in Chicago series. It was excellent! I did have a hard time understanding some of the dialog, but I blame my ears, not the actors. And their wasn't much chemistry between Prof. Higgins and Eliza --- but that did not take away from the wonderful production!

Friday night we went to see MUSIC MAN at the Genesius Guild in Hammond. Granted it was a blizzard outside and there were maybe 30 people in the audience, but the production stunk! Harold Hill had a wonderful voice but could not act. Marian could act but could not sing --- not a good combination for the lead actors. But Haley was in it along with Shannon and they made it worthwhile! I have posted a few pictures on my flikr site. Check them out.

Today I am playing catchup on worship stuff along with grocery shopping and getting ready for Nominating Committee tonight --- we still have a couple of positions open for this year (like chair of the Administrative Council!). I hope that we get a re-organization plan created for the council, it was totally ineffective last year. I also need to get ready for Staff Parish which is meeting tomorrow night (a week early) because I will be in Florida at it's normal meeting time.

In case you are wondering about my reading lately, since I haven't posted anything; I have been catching up on BAR (Biblical Archeology Review). I am about 18 months behind in reading, so I have just been enjoying a eclectic set of articles about Israel.

But I am also listening to Dean Koonz newest book: The Darkest Evening of the Year. Pretty good so far!

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