Saturday, January 05, 2008


After an long and arduous trip home, we are safe and sound. It took almost 30 hours from our wake up call to get home! But we arrived. Without too much damage.

Jessica lost her camera bag at O'Hare. We are hoping she left it on the plane, but lost and found isn't open until 9am today. Or if not there, that some good Samaritan would have turned it in to O'Hare's lost and found. A couple of our purchases leaked and one Hebron glass got broken, so overall not too bad. The biggest problem was the bus did not arrive at JFK to take us to LaGuardia, so we were forced to hop in cabs and after having been on the road for 24 hours that was not fun.

Overall, I think the trip was a huge success. I am anxious to talk with everyone after they have had some time to get over their jet lag.

We had an awesome closing communion service in the Garden Tomb --- for many it was the highlight of the trip.

I will get the rest of my pictures up shortly.

Thanks for keep up with us --- We knew you were with us!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you arrived home safely and, unbelievably, on time. Thanks so much for your blogs and daily posting of photos. It was fun watching everyone experience the wonders of the Holy Lane. Diane