Thursday, January 03, 2008

Packed Up

Well, I have just finished packing up my stuff. I wore every piece of clothing I brought, except one sock (who's mate got lost!). The weather was fantastic, no rain, no bad days. Everything was great. We ended the trip with a wonderful communion service at the Garden Tomb --- a very peaceful and beautiful place in a crazy yet wonderful city.

It is 9:15 p.m. here (1:15 pm at home) and we have a wake up call set for 1 am. I am going to take a quick shower and try to sleep for a couple of hours. I will be a long trip home. We are scheduled to arrive at O'Hare at 9:00 pm Friday night.

They have Internet at both the Tel Aviv and the Istanbul airports so I will get today's pictures on line while we wait for our planes.

See you all on Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Steve, we're glad you had a good trip and that you're getting ready to come home. I'm not surprised that Jessica and Lindsey had men fighting over them...Zeke made Zoe crazy until we brought Zoe home. Carol said Zoe mostly sat in her crate and growled at Zeke, but he never stopped bothering her. He's a stubborn and cute dog. You may come home to snow, or it may be raining by then. We had about 6 inches the other day.

Anonymous said...

So I just spent half an hour looking through your photos. I got through group 27. I think you have a great Christmas card family photo (even though Zeke isn't in it). I like your pictures of the rocky beach at Cesarea best. Everyone should look at those if they don't look at the others (everyone floating in the Dead Sea or riding camels).
Joette (Steve's sister in law)