Thursday, October 04, 2007

Becoming a Christian

One of the challenges in my life is that I read way too much. I am always in the middle of four or five books, and they run the gamut from novels to theology to history (boring books is what my daughter says). I have an insatiable appetite to learn. And I often assume, that others have that same appetite as well. I know who to blame! My parents both read, and read and read. As a matter of fact, they have been known to feed my addiction by passing books along to me. But why is that a challenge to me?

Because the truth is, sometimes I run too far ahead of others, and assume that you are reading and learning in the same way I am — or for that matter that you even care about some of the stuff that I am exploring. So I need your help — when I run too fast or far ahead — tell me to slow down!

I shared last night at Bible 101, that my goal is to help you develop a faith that has integrity — a faith that you live with your mind and heart. Not a faith that is blindly obedient — not a faith that says it assents to belief in one thing, but does not live it out. A faith that seeks to truly follow the example of Jesus Christ. And I know that you don’t develop that kind of faith overnight. It takes work, it takes struggle, it takes honesty. I hope that you will join a Bible Study or small group so that you can grow in your faith journey. You can’t do it in one hour a week!

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