Monday, October 22, 2007

I Don't know

OK, I don't know why I did it. I know better, but sometimes we just can't help themselves. Especially whey you get seduced.

Yep, that's right --- seduced.

Yesterday we got a new dog. I Shih Tzu puppy that we have named Ezekiel. We are going to call him Zeke. He is 5 or 6 pounds right now, but should get up to about 1o or 12. He slept with Lindsey (on her bed) and this morning he is with me while everyone is off to school.
He is afraid of stairs right now. That won't take long to overcome. So while I am down here working on my class for tonight and writing my blog he is still upstairs. He complained a bit when I can down, but within a couple of minutes he quited down, and I assume has decided to take a little nap. Oh to be a dog!

I am sure one of the reasons that we got him was because my week was so lousy! Friday night my car got broken into in front of my house and my $1,000 digital camera was stolen. Today I get to deal with the fun of getting the window replaced. I also have to fax the receipts off to the insurance company for the camera. And that was just the weekend! I don't even want to think about earlier in the week.

I hate not having my camera to take lots of pictures of Zeke (who I keep calling Zephie, although he looks nothing like him.) I will have to find the old Nikon 5700 and use it until I can replace my 8800. I will probably go with a SLR, maybe the Nikon D40x.

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Jessica said...

I want to meet the puppy!!!!!