Sunday, October 07, 2007


This morning was the 30th running of the Chicago Marathon. Both Nancy and my niece Casey were running. As we were driving downtown this morning, I was hoping that Nancy would not look at the temperature that the van was showing --- but we both knew that it would be hot.

Nancy had no problems with her leg -- that is the good news, the heat and humidity was another story. I have never seen so many people walking or taken off the course. It was unbelievable! Shortly after we saw Nancy for the last time (just past the 40k mark) she was told to walk, because the race was being canceled. She ended up finishing --- which maybe is the big accomplishment. If they kept records, this would go down as the slowest marathon in history.

Casey did not get to finish, at some point she was directed off the course (in the Pilsen neighborhood) and she went and found her mom. I understand that she felt good, and said she was disappointed that they would not let her finish the race. That has too be hard, when you have worked and trained so hard.

Next up for Nancy is BOSTON!
More pictures on my flickr site.

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