Friday, February 08, 2008

The Bible

Bishop Spong writes a weekly Q & A e-mail that is a teaser to get you to buy his weekly essay. This week had a question asking about the Bible and how one can use it bettter. This is Spong's answer.

The Bible is a developing narrative, portraying the developing God-consciousness in human life. It moves beyond the tribal deity of some of its earlier parts to a universalism that defines God as both Love and Justice, and even calls us to love our enemies. The essential truths of the Bible, useful on all of our spiritual journeys, is that in creation God proclaims that all life is holy, in the Jesus story, the Bible asserts that all life is loved and that through the Holy Spirit, who is said to be "the Lord and giver of life," the Bible issues a call to each of us to be all that we can be.

I think that is a pretty good answer.
It is time for us to move beyond a God who sits up on a throne wanting to give some people good stuff and others he wants to kick in the a** (hind quarters).

How do you understand who God is.

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