Friday, February 15, 2008


OK, I am getting ready to leave for Israel and people keep asking me --- do you think that it is safe? Wait a minute, what about the good old US of A. What has happened to our country. We had another "terrorist" attack take place yesterday at my alma mater. I graduated from Northern Illinois University with a History degree, I lived in Lincoln Hall (which one of the TV stations was broadcasting in front of). I sat for boring science lectures in Cole Hall. I have often shared a story that took place in Cole Hall about the end of the world. And now, now the world has ended at Cole Hall.

But when are we going to take off our rose-colored glasses --- glasses that tell us that terrorism exists in Israel and Africa --- but not here. WE HAVE HOMELAND DEFENSE! We don't have terrorists. But much like the "terrorists" in Israel, ours are home grown. The person who killed six others and himself yesterday was from the suburbs of Chicago, not the suburbs of Bagdad.

It is time for us to stand up to the culture of violence that we have created and nurtured. It is time for us to stop allowing guns to be freely available. Or wait, will we get the same argument that told place following the Virginia Tech shootings: "if only someone had been armed they could have taken out the shooter."

I am a dreamer.
I want to believe that we can have a better world.
That is why I am a Christian.
I have chosen to follow the prince of peace — instead of carrying a piece!

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Anonymous said...

Bishop Coyner wrote a great piece today on e-hum that relates well to your posting of "Why" and gives us a great deal to think about. It also poses a challenge as to what can we do about violence in America.