Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Israel --- Tel Aviv

I have arrived in Tel Aviv. I forgot how much I hate that flight (It was only 5 weeks ago I did this). I was able to sleep a little on the plane, and I am trying to stay up until 10pm (2 in the afternoon for you) so that I will be over the jet lag by tommorrow.

We are spending the night at the Tal Hotel (I don't recommend it).

Tommorrow we will begin by visiting ancient Joppa, then heading north up the coast to Ceasarea and Megiddo on our way to Tiberius. We spend a couple of nights there before we head to Jerusalem.

The weather is good. Although they say that it snowed in Jerusalem on Monday. It is supposed to be in the 50/60's by the time we get there at the end of the week.

Hope everyone at home is doing well. I will try to get pictures on line tomorrow (assuming I have internet access.)

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Jessica said...

So I was browsing around your site and I saw the post about the book Blink! My acting teacher recommened that book at the beginning of this year. I guess a lot of the stuff can relate to acting. But I can't remember what exactly she said about it.