Friday, February 08, 2008

Stetson part 4

Well it is almost time to leave Stetson behind. Overall this has been an excellent conference. No, all the speakers weren't enlightening, or engaging. But I take away some wonderful ideas, but I think even more important I take away a rested body and spirit.

Amy Jill Levine is one of the brilliant New Testament scholars of this age. What makes Amy-Jill most interesting is the fact that she is Jewish. And when I say that I don't mean a secular Jew, she is a practicing Jew who teaches about Jesus and probably knows him better than most Christians. Her lectures were worth the price of admission.

Dr. Long is a dynamic speaker --- unfortunatly he did not have a lot to say --- but he was fun to listen to anyway.

Dr. Balentine was a lousy speaker, and he didn't have too much of value to say. He did give me an idea for a sermon so that was good.

Dr Martin Marty is finishing up his lecture right now. Kind of stream of conciousness talk --- not sure what I am supposed to be getting from it. I think it is supposed to be about why we need to change. Good from somebody around 80!

We will have to miss the last 1/2 of Amy-Jill Levine's final lecture because we have to drop "little Doug" off at the Daytona Beach airport and then we will head back down to Orlando to catch our 4pm flights.

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