Sunday, February 24, 2008

Israel --- Jerusalem

I am in the greatest city in the world! BAR NONE!!!

It is good to be home! While I love the Galilee, nothing compares to Jerusalem. We got here late last night, and today we had a free day. After going to church at St. George Cathedral I met up with two other guys and then we traveled all over the Old City. I went to a ton of places that I had never been to before. Including a number of very old churches, one that claims to have a painting of Jesus and Mary by Luke and the "real" location for the last supper. We also just had a great time!

The group is a real mixed lot which makes it a lot of fun. From Southern Baptists, Seventh Day Adventists to Anglicans, Presbyterians and a couple of others. Everybody gets along and seem to really enjoy each other.

I don't have Internet access readily available which is a pain in the rear. I should be able to get on Friday Evening for me (late afternoon for you).

I hope everybody is doing well.

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