Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Stetson part 1

Greetings from Stetson,

It is real tough being here 80 degrees and I am stuck inside. The first lecture by Sam Balentine was uggh! (if that is a word). He was a last minute fill-in and it seems like it.

Dr. Thomas Long is lecturing now and he is wonderful! He is lecturing on the narrative style of preaching and why it is under attack today. Very interesting. He is suggesting that we are moving to a "wisdom style" of sermon.

Last night as we were sitting on the beach at Daytona Beach, looking at ocean, one of my colleagues (who's name I will not mention, but he is the pastor at Crown Point) asked "what direction are we facing. Right now that is the quote of the week. I am sure that it will be replaced before too long.

Sorry to hear that you all are getting snow. I will do my best to suffer in the air conditioned lecture room. Trust me, when Balentine starts back up, I will be.

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