Sunday, April 20, 2008


Greetings from Boston!

We arrived safely yesterday, but I found myself in charge of driving and managed to get us lost a few times. I like the nice straight streets of Chicago!, everything in Boston goes around in circles.

We went downtown to find the spot where Nancy has to register (and where the race ends). We spent a couple of hours at the fair, and got all kinds of goodies. Nancy got a few autographs, one from a woman who is running in the Olympic trial this morning.

After that we went looking for our hotel. I got us lost again! But eventually we found it. We took a little nap and then we went and drove the course.

YIKES! This is the starting place in the village of Hopkinton (it is a Korean Presbyterian Church). The course is HILLY, a lot worse than I thought it would be, but Nancy for the most part didn't freak out.

I am glad we drove it, because I will not really see the course again. My plan is to try and see her a few times along the way. One spot about 5 or so miles in, and again by heartbreak hill, and then toward the very end. We will see how this works out.

Today we are going sightseeing, up to Salem. Were gonna get some of that Old Time Religion, in which we killed people we disagreed with!

Nancy's number in the race is 19539, you can follow her on Monday by going to the Boston Athletic Association site.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Nancy tomorrow in the marathon and good luck to you finding your way around. Prayers will be with both of you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. I'm glad Nancy had such a great time. We'll talk to you when you get back.
Love, Joette and Scott