Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Lindsey

Yesterday was Lindsey's 17th birthday. As we got ready to go out to eat and celebrate I could tell that she was not feeling real good. I asked her about it and at first she gave me her usual shrug, as if nothing was wrong --- but I could tell. Eventually she told me that she didn't feel good.

Lindsey spent her entrance to the teenage years (her 13th birthday) in the hospital. She had just recently been diagnosed with Graves Disease and she was in, what is called, a thyroid storm. That is when your thyroid gland is producing thyroxine out of control. It is the only time that Graves Disease is really dangerous. Four hard years have gone by, and still the Graves Disease plagues her. Every now and again, for no apparent reason, Lindsey just feels lousy. Soon, Lindsey will be back at Children's Memorial Hospital to have her thyroid surgically removed. This seems to be the best option for her at this stage in her life. Hopefully this will resolve this long strange trip we have been on.


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