Monday, April 07, 2008

Playing For Pizza

The Cleveland Browns are up big in the AFC Championship game --- just a few minutes from the Super Bowl --- in comes third string quarterback Rick Dockery. He manages to throw three interceptions and lose the game.

Rick Dockery has been a journeyman quarterback his whole career --- his best role is caring the clip board. But now that he has become the biggest goat in the history of the NFL he is running out of teams to play for. His agent finds him a team in Parma, Italy and convinces Rick to go.

Master story teller John Grisham weaves a wonderful tale of football, food and history as we follow Rick and his adventures in Parma and the Italian Football League.

Nancy gave me this for Christmas and once I started reading I could not put it down. It is a fun and fast read. And Yes, there really is an American Football league in Italy!

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Anonymous said...

Steve, I also loved the book. I gave it to our evening custodian when he was hospitalized and it's since made the rounds at school. The only problem is everyone wanted to go out to eat Italian when they were reading. Love your book reviews - keep them coming! Diane